As the author of the “Chenier’s Practical Math Dictionary” and “Chenier’s Practical Math
Application Guide, I would like to give you a brief overview of how the books evolved. In 1971, I completed my apprenticeship (classroom and on-the-job training) in carpentry, cabinetmaking, and millwrighting. As a contractor, I soon realized that my crew was lacking in math skills, and taught my own crew a basic math class (a 4 hour class, one day per week, for 3 months).

In 1972, I accepted a position as a Building Trades Instructor. I then saw the need for basic applied math in the high school, and began to develop math materials relevant to the trades. I received a B.S. degree in Trade and Technical Education from Ferris State College in 1977. At that time, I further developed math materials and put them into module form. I also took a position as a Curriculum Coordinator and taught basic applied math to 17 different vocational programs in a two county area, later expanding to vocational programs in many different schools throughout Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and some in Lower Michigan.

The first book, “Chenier’s Math Method” (a soft-covered workbook) was finished in 1985. I then started to work at Mead Paper Co. While working there, I taught practical math classes to the maintenance personnel (machinists, carpenters, pipe fitters, millwrights, welders, etc.), took college classes in mathematics, AutoCAD, and in electronics. During this period I combined my High School Building Trades teaching experience with my hands-on and industry teaching experience. The end result was a field tested and proven system that is now available in two soft covered books and the electronic e-PDF and e-PUB versions also.

I have devoted much of my life to developing these books, as I firmly believe our country needs to improve their basic applied math skills.

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This review is from: Chenier’s Practical Math Application Guide: For Do-it yourselfers,

Trades People, Students, Etc. (Paperback)

I work as an exhibitions installer/fabricator for a fine arts museum. I recently purchased both Chenier’s books, the Practical Math Application Guide and the Practical Math Dictionary as a personal enrichment/refresher course for construction math. I wish I’d known about these books 20 years ago! The way the concepts are explained and the way the books show practical applications for everyday construction problems using traditional tools is better than in any other books I’ve used. Follow them cover to cover from page 1, even if you already know the math, and work the problems in the tests. It’ll refresh your memory and probably teach you some new and easy methods you weren’t even aware of for problem solving. Since beginning practice two weeks ago, my dependence upon my construction calculator has diminished to near zero, and the speed and confidence with which I work has increased along with the accuracy and quality of the finished products I make. Thank you Chenier’s for a truly great set of books!

Worlds most useful math book ever written, March 3, 2010By Bookworm(USA)

This review is from: Chenier’s Practical Math Dictionary (Perfect Paperback)

This book wins the Medal of Honor in the world of math books. No other book or online resource is more useful, beneficial, and practical for everyday use in the real world. This book also put me through college algebra, geometry, and trigonometry and blew the hundred dollar text books out of the water.

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